"Start in Dirt, End in Glory"

Matt Mo CVO


Why did Matt become a Coach? How can I learn something from Matt?

Being a Pioneer and Cosmopolitan at heart, something Matt inherited from his Mum, he set out to explore the world at the young age of 15, when his Mum took over a company in Dubai. At a time, when most people couldn't even locate Dubai on a map...

After some interesting and challenging years in the Middle East, where Matt spent his final High School years and started his first business at age 18, he returned to Germany and studied Hotel Management.

The next 20 years took Matt on an extremely successful and versatile career path in the Hotel industry, during which he lived and worked in more than 30 different countries.

"My Mum was always an early adopter of new ideas, new thoughts, new approaches and I suppose that's the main characteristic she passed onto me. As well as the genuine love and interest for people"  Matt says, when asked about the reasons for his very international background.

"There's a strong need for an open heart, an open mind and an open will, when you want to work with people of different cultures, views and beliefs" Matt adds. "To me, this has never been a challenge, mostly because I was brought up this way and never knew any other approach, but to look for dialogue instead of prejudice. Opening your eyes, instead of locking your door, will always take you further".

Since 2005, Matt is an international Speaker with a track record of having coached thousands of people around the world. He regards it as his duty, to educate as many people as he possibly can, by helping them unlock their potential.

What does CVO stand for?

The abbreviation CVO stands for Chief Visionary Officer and quite simply put, this is Matt's job title at his company. This title quickly became a label and a brand, uniquely identifying Matt and what he is all about - supporting you in achieving your goals and creating an environment, in which change can happen.

What a CVO does is pretty easy to explain and understand. He or she is in charge of having, maintaining and constantly growing a mentality that fosters a vision, a vision about the person you want to become and the results you want to achieve.

In the section PROGRAMS, you can read more about what Matt has to offer and how he can help you achieve a mindset shift, to propel you forward - to a level you probably never thought possible for yourself.

The "empty fridge situation"

In the early 2000's, Matt learned the hard way how important it is to never lose focus and not make the mistake, to take the current situation as a given. "We always want things to get better, but things can also get worse and if they do, they do get worse pretty quickly". The tragic loss of Matt's Mum sent him down a major downward spiral, which led him to the "empty fridge situation" as he calls it today. "When you have no money left to buy food, neither for yourself, nor for your dog, you finally understand the importance of a solid financial basis" Matt explains, while looking at the photo he took back then. "That moment, in front of my empty fridge, was a major turning point for me. I promised myself, I would never let things get that far ever again". 

Today, Matt is taking things even a step further, by telling his story and passing on what he learned during his most challenging times, so YOU won't have to experience the extreme hardship he experienced. If you scroll down, you can see the photo Matt is referring to.

Matt is an Expert in

  • Mindset Shift
  • Income Optimisation
  • Unlocking Human Potential
  • NeuroLinguistic Programming
  • Sales Psychology
  • Networking
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Objection Handling

Some key facts about Matt

  • Social Entrepreneur
  • Philanthropist

  • Animal rights advocate
  • Active supporter of homeless dog programs
  • Supporting children charity programs
  • First business launched at age 18
  • Opened 30 Hotels across the globe
  • Received more than 25 international awards
  • Generated more than € 1 Mio. in less than 9 months
  • Recipient of personal thank you email from President Obama




"Be a Product of your Choices, not a Victim of your Circumstances"

Matt Mo CVO